Hamilton County, Ohio




Harrison Township is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of two cemeteries.
The Historic Baptist Cemetery, New Haven Road
In 1803, the old Baptist Church was erected on this two acre plot on the hill overlooking Lees Creek, a log
structure. It was the first church not only in the area but in the entire Whitewater valley. There were no
churches in Harrison until 1811. The original church was replaced by a frame and later by a brick structure.
Before the Civil War, the congregation divided on the mission issue and the members gradually joined
other churches. Sometime after 1860 the brick church was demolished and only the cemetery in which
many of the pioneer members are buried now remains. The importance of the old Baptist Church as the
social and religious center in the settlement and development of the area cannot be overestimated. Later
the cemetery was deeded to Harrison Township.
The Historic Woodlawn Cemetery, Madison Street
Although the Woodlawn Cemetery was established in 1832 many people do not know it by that name.
Glen Haven Cemetery owns and maintains the lawn that adjoins Woodlawn Cemetery, so it’s natural to
look over at stones and think it is the older section of Glen Haven. Many of Harrison’s earliest settlers have their stones here, lined up in two rows to the back. These people were buried in the Village Cemetery at Park Ave. and Hill St. until 1887 when the Village Council decided to relocate the graves. These stones represent those graves that were unable to be moved. The stones were brought here and the graves remained undisturbed in what is now the Village Park. Although Woodlawn sold lots like any other cemetery, it also serves as a “potters field”. The phrase comes from the Bible and refers to a place where a burial site is provided for strangers and those without means. Harrison Township maintains the dignity of this peaceful spot.


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